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This is not just an invitation; it’s a call to embrace a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and positive impact. You are not alone and you make a difference. Imagine unlocking even greater potential within yourself, contributing to a world where conscious leaders thrive.

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Experience Leadership Transformation Through Practice, Play, and Integration Within the 4 Key Pillars:

The Conscious Leadership Academy offers a dynamic and immersive experience that revolves around the four transformative Essence of Being Pillars. Opportunities for weekly, monthly, and quarterly virtual sessions and in person experiences give you the opportunity to absorb and integrate lessons at your own pace while providing a hands-on, personal connection with our community of conscious leaders. Hear what past attendees are saying about each pillar by clicking here.

Essence of Abundance

Learn to create a life that flourishes, not only in material wealth but in a profound sense of fulfillment.
Learn more and register for upcoming workshops.

Essence of Communication

Master the art of conscious communication, making your words a force for unity, inspiration, and change.
Learn more and register for upcoming workshops.

Essence of Relationships

Nurture the art of building authentic connections and meaningful relationships.
Learn more and register for upcoming workshops.

Essence of Leadership

Elevate your leadership to new heights by becoming a conscious leader who leads with integrity, vision, and a passion for creating a win/win world for all.
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What Past Conscious Leadership Members are Saying:

Join these members and countless others who have found inspiration, growth, and a supportive community at The Conscious Leadership Academy. Become part of our conscious leadership movement and let your transformation begin…

“I just picked up 4 new clients – a total of nearly $2000 in less than 2 weeks! If it weren’t for CLA and what I have learned – all the shifts I have had this year – I would have most likely still been in my pity party and allowing myself to stress about money. Thank you to my CLA family for your love and support. I love you all so very much!” – Robyn D

With your Tier 2 Membership Discover Incredible Value in the Included Content and Curriculum

At the Conscious Leadership Academy we believe in providing you with unparalleled value that extends beyond your membership. Our curriculum is a treasure trove of transformative content, and if you were to purchase it a la carte, the total annual value would be an astounding $4,261.00. This includes access to:

12 Monthly Webinars

A value of $600

Four 5-Hour Virtual Events

A value of$388.00

Four Full-Day Live Events

A value of $788.00

12 Standalone Course Offerings

52 weeks of content, a value of $2,485.00


Don’t miss this chance to be part of our community of conscious leaders at an incredible rate.

What Past Attendees are Saying about Each Pillar:

Essence of Abundance

The best part was getting in touch with everything I don’t know and need to know to stop groping around in the dark on my finances. I got clear about the radical importance of stepping away from the brainwashing that has made me feel so incompetent and trapped. I felt so powerful when I left.

Atlanta, Ga

Essence of Relationships

Learned a lot about myself and how I am wired. I learned about my triggers and how I operate. It has made me more mindful in the way I approach things. It has strengthened my relationships all around.

Miami, Fl

Essence of Communication

How My Life Was Transformed Immediately changes began taking place in my relationships with myself and with others. I now dare to express my true beliefs and stand up for myself. I feel much more in touch with who I really am and able to express myself freely and feel heard. I have more courage to risk being my true self. My Mom always said, ‘Just be yourself’. At last I feel free to do just that. I’ve gained a much greater sense of self-acceptance and love.

New York, Ny

Essence of Leadership

Essence of Courageous Leadership was one of the most fun and memorable workshops I have ever attended. It gave me new views and beliefs around business and allowed me to be open to receive more of what I wanted from all possibilities. Just a couple of weeks after the training, I received a promotion and increased my sales by 50%!

Sr. Account Manager

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$397/yr or $37/mo
  • Weekly calls based on Conscious Topic
  • Weekly Practice, Play and Integration
  • Self-assessment and tracker
  • Access to Trusted Resources/Tools
  • 10% Discounts on all Essence of Being offerings

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Monthly Rate

$1,097/yr or $97/mo (Most Popular)
  • All TIER 1 Benefits Plus…
  • A New Course Every Month 
  • Monthly Live Online Webinars
  • Four 1-Day Live In-person Playshops
  • Four 5 hr Live Online Playshops
  • Access to Trusted Resources/Tools
  • Access to archived classes, materials, etc.
  • 15% Discounts on all Essence of Being offerings

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Monthly Rate

$2,100/yr or $197/mo
  • All TIER 1 & 2 Benefits Plus…
  • A New Course on the Essence of Success 
  • Member of Monthly Mastermind Group
  • Business Monetization/Service Projects
  • Apply for Affiliate Relationships & Revenue Share
  • Vetted Process for Being on Faculty
  • Access to Trusted Resources/Tools
  • 20% Discounts on all EOB offerings

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