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Professionals who empower individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals by providing guidance, support, and accountability.

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Professional services tailored to meet your business needs, offering strategic guidance, innovative solutions, and services to make your business run smoothly and thrive.

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Healing Arts & Centers

Experience profound healing through holistic services and tranquil centers, where expert practitioners offer tailored therapies to nurture your well-being and foster inner balance.

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Discover a curated selection of specialty products designed to enhance your lifestyle and elevate your well-being, offering unique solutions to meet your specific needs and aspirations.

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Coaches, Retreats & Classes

Alisa LaPolt Resources Page

Alisa LaPolt

Smart Angel Strategies | Coaching, Intuitive Sessions, Tarot readings

alisa@smartangelstrategies.com | (615) 955-4900

Alisa LaPolt uses her intuition, divine messages, and wisdom from life experience to help guide people towards their desired path – whether it’s a new career, a fulfilling relationship, or discovering their life purpose and spiritual path during these chaotic times.

Alisa draws upon her experience as a former journalist and lobbyist who had a spiritual awakening after the passing of her father. This led her studies of metaphysics, spirituality, Human Design, and New Thought. She is a Reiki II practitioner, intuitive, spirit communicator and energy worker. She has studied under mentors at the world renown Arthur Findley School of Spiritualism in England.

Her experience with trauma led her to become a mental health advocate and a greater understanding of her life purpose. She’s also a graduate of EOB Mastery, an EOB life coach and a spiritual consultant. She tailors her services for clients based on their needs and goals.

Her clients over the past 12 years have ranged from politicians and corporate leaders to students and housewives. They all share one goal: moving past fear and worries toward hope and happiness.

Alisa also serves to “help the helpers” by providing business consulting and spiritual guidance to other energy workers, Reiki practitioners, intuitives, and other healers who need redirection, replenishing, or their own healing so that they can reach more people who need their help.

Special Offer (available through May 30th)

$97 one hour reading/intuitive session  Click Here

Claudia Rocafort

Claudia Rocafort Coaching LLC

cr4flaca@aol.com | claudia@claudiarocafortcoaching.com | +1(917) 378-8004 Cell | +1(305) 749-9900 Fax

Claudia Rocafort works with executives, entrepreneurs, and mission driven people who want to master their communication, mindset, and leadership skills so they can maximize their results in life. An Executive & Business Coach, ICF Certified Life Coach, bestselling author, ordained minister, keynote speaker, and spiritual facilitator, Claudia has been coaching leaders since 2006.

A member of the Screen Actors Guild for over 30 years, she has worked nationally and internationally in over 200 commercials, four different languages, performed in Off-Broadway plays, Television Series, Radio Voice Overs, and Films. Claudia uses her knowledge and training to empower speakers worldwide to hone their message and master their delivery, so they can achieve their goals and generate the greatest impact.

Conscious Leadership. ICF Certified Life Coach, Grief, Loss.

Communication Consultant: Public Speaking skills, Presentations, Language, Diction, Confidence, Delivery techniques, Key Note, Podcast prep, On-camera presence, Production, Lighting, Staging, Virtual Backgrounds, Interview Prep, Content creation, Language, Speech warmups, Media Kits/ Speaker One Sheets, Headshots, Image/Branding Consulting, Business Coaching, Action Plans, Purpose & Zone of Genius.

Ordained Minister: Meditation, & Spiritual Facilitation.

Glow Like a Pro Digital Masterclass

This 90 Min. Master Class Special Will Give You Proven Techniques and Tips to Present Your Best Self on Camera for Podcasts, Interviews, Auditions, Networking Events & more! Register here.

Unveiling Your Zone of Genius 1:30 Hr Masterclass on 4/10/24

Join us to discover the keys to living your Life Purpose and Working In Your Zone of Genius on Wednesday, April 10th, 2024 12-1:30 pm ET / 9-10:30 am PT. Register Here.

Lead Power Hour: Conflict Resolution & Conscious Communication on 4/17/24

Join us for an illuminating session where we’ll explore the art of conscious communication and its pivotal role in resolving conflicts constructively. Register Here.

Unlock Your Abundance 2HR Workshop on 4/23/24 & 4/25/24

This 2-day interactive workshop will guide you to Uncover Your Life Purpose, Align Your Services with Your Zone of Genius, Create Your Enrolling Message, Learn How to Guide Your Team to Maximize their Unique Abilities.

JOIN TODAY to Live Your Best Life Now! Tuesday April 23rd & Thursday April 25th at 12-2pm ET / 9-11am PT (BOTH DAYS) Register Here.

Speaker Blockbuster 5 Week Program on May 1st, May 8th, May 15th, May 22nd, and May 29th

This proven system moves you from uncertainty, confusion and overwhelm to clarity, confidence, and action! You will implement these skills every step of the way so that you finish the program ready to share your message with the world, look and feel your best while doing it, and attract your ideal clients to maximize your results. Register Here.

Freda headshot

Freda Cornelius

Reframing Memories LLC | Coaching | Healing Arts Center

fredac@professionalframing.com | (770) 713-0076

Freda Cornelius, entrepreneur, business executive, author, energy healer, trainer, and coach with more than 38 years in business administration, sales, coaching, teaching and personal development, and the founder of Reframing Memories and An Empowered Path. Freda is focused on supporting people to move through their emotional stress, overwhelm and uncertainty into joy and happiness.

Freda’s transformational change work started with a desire for financial freedom. This desire ignited a passion for learning from Michael Gerber, Zig Ziglar, Dr. Sue Morter and Dr. John Maxwell to name just a few thought-leaders. Making the investment into her own professional and personal growth transformed shyness and insecurities into confidence which accelerated her success in every area of her life.

Devoted to sharing her own life experiences and teaching people how to create a lifelong lifestyle of transformation, Freda leverages her broad wealth of knowledge from her time with Dr. Carol McCall at the Institute of Global Listening, Burge Smith-Lyons at Essence of Being and with Howard Partridge from the Ziglar Cooperation. Freda has a facilitator certification for Lifebook personal development program, a facilitator certification and certified coach for Dr. Sue Morter’s Energy Codes, Certified Life Coach with Life Purpose Institute and Evercoach (MindValley) and she is a certified coach, speaker and trainer of John Maxwell Leadership programs. Freda is also a Reiki Master, an ordained interfaith minister and coauthor.

Residing in Powder Springs, Georgia, Freda sits as President & CEO of Professional Framing Company, and Reframing Memories. Freda has a private coaching practice, workshops, book clubs, teaching and speaking programs across the United States.

Mary Palmer

MPLBrands LLC | Empowerment Strategist, Speaker & Coach, Corporate Trainer, Conscious Leadership, Podcast Guest

mary@marypalmerleadership.com | (832) 964-8300

Mary Palmer is a thought leader, empowerment strategist, and a dynamic and engaging speaker. Mary’s focus on the human side of leadership in business and personal lifestyles gives audiences and clients practical tools and strategies to improve teamwork, collaboration and self-led personal performance. With over 30 years in management, corporate training and entrepreneurship, Mary inspires clients and audiences to rise to a higher level for lasting results and building deep relationships.

Mary guides women to shift their trauma, reclaim their voices, stop hiding and playing small so that they can move forward in relationships and in business.

Upcoming Events

4/19/24 12 PM ET – WPN Trish Carr BeReal Get Real Podcast 25 minutes Register Here

5/14/24 12 PM ET – Exploring the 4 Agreements 1:45 Mastermind Register Here

5/15/24 7PM ET – Exploring the 4 Agreements 1:45 Mastermind Register Here

PeggyLee Headshot

PeggyLee Hanson

Award-Winning Publisher, Author, Anthology Series-Courage Under Siege, Writing Coach & Conscious Leader

peggylee@peggyleehanson.com | (651) 398-6003

I am PeggyLee Hanson of Courageous Women Publications. I help evolving women entrepreneurs (and a few incredible men!) who seek to share their words of wisdom, expertise, and strategy inside a book so they can do so easily, effortlessly, and efficiently through write-shops, templates, guides, and personal support. Someone is waiting to hear what you have to say. Why make them wait any longer?

StarrFire Headshot

Starrfire Orbweaver

Founder of Harmonic Balance Transformations, Facilitator, Coach, Ceremonialist & Bishop

harmonicbalance33@gmail.com | (404) 625-4668

StarrFire assists her clients in activating their ability to passionately create their lives while simultaneously coming into balance & harmony. Her ability to create sacred space & safety in all learning environments allows her clients a deeper freedom to express, explore & enjoy themselves. Through shamanic experiential processes of dance, art, meditation, breath & movement, StarrFire helps people experience sacred integration & align with their purpose. Trained as a Radical Forgiveness Game Coach and Cranio Sacral Therapist completes the Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit alignment into wholeness. As a ‘card-carrying’ Cherokee “Rainbow StarrFire Orbed Weaver of Dreams” weaves the Native American traditions into the Eastern Tantric traditions, actively Igniting the Sacred Heart. For over 20 years Shari has been assisting her clients’ journey to find their own Sacred Space & personal abundance through Real Estate. She is also trained in energetically clearing & cleansing space & properties.

Stephanie Butler

In 2 Out Thriving LLC | Nurse Health and Wellness Coaching, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation

butlersd11@gmail.com | (404) 387-5546

Stephanie D Butler, RN, BSN, NC-BC, CYT, RMT, is a dedicated proponent of holistic healing, drawing on over two decades of personal growth and spiritual inquiry. With qualifications such as Nurse Coach Board Certification, Reiki Master Teacher, and 200-hour yoga training, Stephanie blends Eastern and Western health practices to provide exceptional care and support to clients and patients. Currently, she is a Conscious Leader Academy member, an Apprentice Coach at the Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy, a Peritoneal Dialysis RN, supporting patients in managing their health at home while also offering online and in-person coaching, healings, and classes.

Health and Wellness Services include:

Reiki Sessions

An ancient energy healing art over 2500 years old. A Japanese word meaning “energy of mind, body, and spirit” and focuses on the 7 major energy centers within body. Reiki stimulates the Immune System and aids the body’s natural self-healing process by clearing and balancing the energy on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of being. Physical benefits: Relieves Stress, Aches and Pain, Speeds recovery of broken bones, alleviates pain from cancer, migraines, arthritis, and much more. Individual sessions are offered online and in person.

Reiki Refresher Class Series

These classes are for individuals who have been initiated or attuned to any level or lineage of Reiki. The classes will cover various topics the 5 Principles, hands on Reiki, Hover method of Reiki, Byosen, Gassho Meditation, applying The Three Pillars, Chakras, microcosmic orbit exercise, and self-Reiki practice. As well as Distance Reiki and distance healing (proof of Reiki II required). The 90 min classes will be offered in person and online.

Yoga Reiki Fusion Class

A conscious practice to support an empowering mindset through the 5 Principles of Reiki “Just for today …” and the awareness of the body through breath and movement. The yoga practice will end with a Reiki healing meditation. This class is designed to help one reduce stress, increase strength and flexibility, increase self-acceptance, crush limiting beliefs and enhance overall well-being.

Nurse Coaching

Research indicates that coaching significantly boosts healthy behavior changes, from weight loss to stress reduction and managing chronic conditions. In our partnership, we engage in meaningful conversations to provide clarity and guide you towards actionable steps for achieving lasting success in your health goals. Unlock your potential for long-term wellness today with Nurse Coaching.

Sue Tabaka-Kritzeck Resources Page

Sue Tabaka-Kritzeck

SueTK Communications, LLC

tabakas@gmail.com | (320) 309-5511

Sue Tabaka-Kritzeck, aka Sue TK, is a certified EOB coach as well as the owner and head consultant of Your Fascination Factor. Her passion is to lead others to discover their unique advantages and to use those advantages to be at the highest and best version of themselves in all walks of live. Sue is a confidence trainer, teaching others that confidence is a muscle needing daily exercise. She helps design individualized programs filled with easy-to-use strategies that become habits for success.

Sue is on a mission to take her talents to another level. After 34 years of teaching, Sue knew she had more to give to the world. She has embraced an Essence of Being mantra when she shouts: “I am living my best life!” And now she wants to take what she has learned to educators—a group she feels are the unsung heroes of democracy. After learning the elements of conscious leadership through EOB, she is set to reignite a passion to teach in those who do this important work in our society.

Sue is married to her best friend Tom. They hail from Florida after retiring from the Midwest. Together they are the grateful parents of Katie and Mandy—two strong, intelligent, independent, talented, and beautiful daughters who have brought them the best sons-in-law as well as four grandchildren.

Susan Blanton Resources Page

Susan Blanton

Podcast Host of the CREATE Happy Now podcast, Life Coach and Happiness Coach, creator of the Create HAPPY Meditations App

createhappymeditations@gmail.com | (770) 827-2344

Susan Blanton is a Happiness Coach, Life Coach, Artist and Therapeutic Art Coach and creator and host of the CREATE Happy Now Podcast, the CREATE Happy Now YouTube Channel, the Create HAPPY Meditations YouTube Channel and the Moment Maker’s HAPPY Method available in her new Create HAPPY Meditations App and retreats.

Create HAPPY Meditations App will be launched in April. Get on the waiting list or find out more below!

Vikash Shivdasani

Be Here Right Now LLC | 1 on 1 Emotional Freedom Coaching, Transformational Workshop Facilitator, Psilocybin Ceremony Facilitator, The Ultimate Sedona Retreat Creator

vsshivdasani@gmail.com | (956) 655-9201

Vikash “Vik” Shivdasani is an Emotional Freedom Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Transformational Event Facilitator, Sacred Psilocybin Ceremony Facilitator, and the creator of The Ultimate Sedona Retreat.

In 2006, at 22, after a night of college partying, Vik had an accident and fell off of a 3rd floor balcony. This horrific accident and the never-ending challenges that followed sparked a seeker’s journey to understand what it takes to become the best versions of ourselves despite our circumstances. Vik captivates audiences with his humorous take on life and shares powerful actionable takeaways to live happier and more present lives. His mission is to provide the tools that enable people to connect more deeply with themselves, connect more deeply with those around them, and ultimately connect to the joy in life.

Author of the #1 best-selling book, Rolling With It: Lessons Learned While Sitting Down, a depiction of Vik’s raw and humorous personal journey that started with an accident that left him a paraplegic at 22 years old. This catalytic event sparked a seeker’s journey to understand the relationship between our thoughts and emotions and what it takes to be the best versions of ourselves. 

Emotional Freedom Coaching

Vik provides 1 on 1 sessions for those looking to heal past emotions and live a life of freedom and fulfillment. In these 90 minute sessions, Vik helps you identify your triggers, fears, and limited beliefs, and teaches you next level energy techniques to release those stuck emotions from the body and connect to a greater version of you.

Transformational Workshops

Vik hosts 4 hour events where he shares his story and takes people on a journey through his 5 step transformational process called The Rolling With It Spokes. These steps include Acceptance, Identifying Fears, Releasing Emotions, Connecting To Clarity, and Creating A Vision With Elevated Emotions. Participants go through all these steps through reflection journaling, breathwork, intention setting, meditation, and sound healing.

Sacred Psilocybin Ceremony Facilitator

Vik leads and facilitates psilocybin mushroom ceremonies to promote deep healing and clarity for people’s lives. These ceremonies are done with intention as participants are given journaling questions days beforehand to prepare. Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, and Spiritual Medicine Music are played to prepare and support the participant for a deep healing journey.

The Ultimate Sedona Retreat

After living in Sedona for 2 years, Vik has created The Ultimate Sedona Retreat to incorporate the healing energies of Sedona, popular tourist sites and tours, and many healing modalities including Yoga, Journaling, Breathwork, Energy Work, and Sound Healing, and a Sacred Psilocybin Ceremony. The retreat will be held at a Retreat House, breakfast and dinners are included, and the tours include a UFO Tour, a Stargazing Tour, a Scenic Sedona Tour, and a Vortex Hike by the most powerful vortex in Sedona, Bell Rock.

The Ultimate Sedona Retreat May 8 to 12, 2024 Register here

Professional Services

Angela Hall

Professional Problem Solver, Miracle Worker and Tech Geek

ajhall2012@gmail.com | (276) 546-8511

Angela Hall is the CEO of That Helpful Chick, a Virtual Assistant and Technology Services Company. She and her team of techies love serving established entrepreneurs and small businesses with website design, updates, CRMs, automation, funnels, marketing and more. My 10+ years of experience working in business software and systems, helps me to advise and guide people in the right direction as far as the best tools for them their business and their budget. I can dial in for people what’s best for people where they are at. There are NO cookie cutter solutions.

Angela and her team use practical and pragmatic approaches to solving their customers’ challenges for maximum efficiency and profit. She has a passion for discovering and mastering new software, she always has the latest and greatest tools and resources. We help with all your backend business technology so you can be more automated and focus on what you love.


  • Design/redesign and updates
  • CRMs
  • Automation
  • Funnels
  • Marketing automation
  • Light video editing
  • Course solutions
  • Affiliate program solutions,
  • and so much more (techy stuff!)
PeggyLee Headshot

PeggyLee Hanson

Award-Winning Publisher, Author, Anthology Series-Courage Under Siege, Writing Coach & Conscious Leader

peggylee@peggyleehanson.com | (651) 398-6003

sabrina headshot

Sabrina Fajardo

Graphic Design, Art, Illustration

sabrina@sabrinafajardo.com | (954) 854-5521

In a vibrant, multi-cultural environment, Sabrina’s journey with art began. From a young age, she found solace and happiness in the world of artistic expressions. A myriad of artistic influences have shaped her creativity into something truly unique and intense, leading her to become a talented designer, visual brand creator, book illustrator, and a gifted painter.

Her work transcends mere talent or skill. It is a deep personal experience, an avenue for self-healing and growth. This journey allowed her to refine her artistry and discover a process infused with soulfulness and depth, allowing deep connections with clients, understanding their visions and helping them manifest their dreams. Each project she undertakes, reinforces her commitment to enriching lives, one soulful creation at a time.

Healing Arts & Centers

Freda headshot

Freda Cornelius

Reframing Memories LLC | Coaching | Healing Arts Center

fredac@professionalframing.com | (770) 713-0076

Alisa LaPolt Resources Page

Alisa LaPolt

Smart Angel Strategies | Coaching, intuitive sessions, tarot readings

Melana Pecura

BioCharge Center

melana@biochargecenter.com | (678) 823-5916

Melana is the dedicated founder of BioCharge Center, a leading wellness facility
renowned for its innovative devices designed to optimize bodily functions. With
over 15 years of experience in the natural wellness industry, Melana’s passion lies
in promoting proactive health measures. She firmly believes in nurturing the body
through holistic approaches, emphasizing nutrition, exercise, and energy
management to maintain optimal health rather than merely addressing issues after
they arise. Melana’s unwavering commitment to holistic wellness has earned her
widespread respect and admiration in the field.

Our philosophy is rooted in the understanding that genuine healing begins from
within. By merely suppressing symptoms, we may inadvertently hinder the innate
healing potential residing within our bodies. We believe that this empowerment is
the key to not only addressing immediate health concerns but also cultivating
enduring well-being and vitality.

Through education, holistic practices, and nurturing a deep connection between
mind, body, and spirit.

We strive to guide each person on a transformative journey towards embracing
their inner healing capabilities as the cornerstone of their overall health and

We offer high quality services with the best brands in the market:
1. Pulse PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy
2. Mito Red Light Therapy
3. BioCharger
4. Ionic Foot Bath
5. Piezo Shockwave
6. Infrared Sauna
7. Ice Water Therapy
8. Brain Tap
9. Sound Lounge – Vibroacoustic Therapy
10. HyperVibe – Whole Body Vibration

Mikal Haney

Coaching the Unconscious Mind

mikalhaney222@yahoo.com | (850) 591-2679

Mikal is a Certified Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, Graphologist, NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach and also an Ordained Minister.

His passion is ‘Coaching the Unconscious Mind’. Listening and caring while working with his clients to achieve their goals, during and after each session.

Additionally Mikal is a published author, National and International Speaker.

Stephanie Butler

In 2 Out Thriving LLC | Nurse Health and Wellness Coaching, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation

Specialty Products

sabrina headshot

Sabrina Fajardo

Graphic Design, Art, Illustration

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